The Valpi believes that each generation has an obligation to leave a better world to the next generation. Our commitment with the future vision takes us to give the best of our effort to contribute positively to the good of the community. A future of hope where all benefit from the prosperity of each.


The Valpi values the merit and commitment. Our point is to create the conditions so that all who join in our projects can be carried out individually, contributing to a shared future. In each new challenge we see an opportunity to improve our performance, knowing that the early success is no guarantee of future success. We believe that the only individual in society. So we want to be a project that contributes to the growth of each, at the service of all. This is our mission.






These are the values of Valpi. Values that accompany us forever, thus contributing to the realization of a harmonious community in which each is revealed by the contribution that gives the whole.

Company headquarters
Av. Joaquim Ribeiro da Mota 256, 4585-166 Paredes, Portugal
Telf: +351 22 415 7960
Valpibus Penafiel
Edifício Valpi Av. Pedro Guedes. 4560-166 Penafiel
Telf: +351 25 5718 000
Av. Joaquim Ribeiro da Mota 256, 4585-166 Gandra Paredes
Telf: +351 224 157 967
Tapada de Vilar (E.M.589) 4560-071 Duas Igrejas - Penafiel, Portugal
Telf: +351 255 718 003
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